Plant-Powered Pain Relief Cream

After 20 years of extensive research and hundreds of clinical trials by Dr. Khalili and his team of chemists, he released a breakthrough plant-powered pain relief cream with body-heat-activated technology. This proprietary feature of the cream takes effect immediately with a soothing sensation of relief when massaged thoroughly into the skin at affected muscle and joint areas, then continues to respond to the user’s lifestyle for up to 12 hours with a surge of powerful, deep-penetrating heat during physical exertion or any increase in body temperature.

Dr. Khalili’s cream uses nine plant-powered pain relievers in a 100% vegan base composed primarily of jojoba seed oil, aloe leaf juice, virgin coconut oil, and avocado oil. Its proprietary evolving aroma provides a scintillating experience with a bold botanical essence upon application, followed within 45 minutes by a warm tropical aura. All the ingredients are protected with an innovative herbal preservative and are transported across the skin barrier via a patented delivery system.