TuNo Sandwich (4-6 servings)

1 package (15 ounces) Fig Food Co. organic chickpeas

2 tablespoons Primal Kitchen mayonnaise

1 tablespoon organic Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon Eden Foods ume plum vinegar

1 organic celery stalk, chopped

1 teaspoon dried organic dill

2 organic scallions, chopped

¼ teaspoon ground organic black pepper

1 naturally fermented Bubbies kosher dill pickle, chopped

1 teaspoon organic lemon juice, fresh-squeezed

1 loaf Vegan Mario’s gluten-free quinoa and brown rice sourdough bread

Rinse and drain the chickpeas; then place in a large bowl and mash slightly with a fork. Add remaining ingredients and stir to mix well. Make open-faced sandwiches on toasted slices of sourdough bread.

Kevin Khalili